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Travelogue: Hualien and Taroko National Park

To be honest, there’s not terribly much around Hualien (花蓮)- I found it notable mostly for being the nearest city to Taroko (太魯閣), which has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan. And it lives up to its reputation:
Hualien - Taroko panorama 2 Hualien - city panorama

This is going to be a photo-heavy and text-light post.

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Interlude: Chishang

I made a pit stop in the town of Chishang (池上 – literally, on top of the pond), primarily known for its boxed lunches! Seriously. As the train pulled up to the station, all the hungry people rush to the doors, hoping to buy a boxed lunch from the vendors before the train departs again. Me? I hopped off, hoping to spend a couple of hours enjoying the boxed lunches and touring the area.
Chishang - panorama view

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Travelogue: Taitung

I initially thought that Taitung / Taidong (臺東, literally East Taiwan), the largest city on Taiwan’s east coast, would only be a pit stop on my way to beautiful Hualien, but I was pleasantly surprised, and ended up staying in Taitung for several nights.  Here, I enjoyed this old and park-covered city on Taiwan’s eastern coast, as well some of the scenic points near the city.
Taitung - panorama forest park
Taitung - panorama oceanside route

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Travelogue: Kenting National Park

Kenting (墾丁) National Park (國家公園), on the southern tip of Taiwan, is a gloriously beautiful landscape, a symphony of water, wind, and earth. From anywhere on the Kenting peninsula, you can see the clear water all around you, undisturbed by heavy industry, great for surfing, diving, and banana boating. From the southeast blows a powerful trade wind, stirring up the waves and cooling the air. And a rolling, forest-covered mountain to complete the set. A glorious landscape, but unfortunately one that’s been overrun by mainland Chinese tourists.
Kenting - panorama east coast Kenting - panorama west coast field 1

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