Travelogue: Slow Boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang

After crossing from Thailand into Laos (from Chiang Rai to border town Chiang Khong, then crossing to border town Huay Xai), I took the famous (and infamous) slow boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang.    Spanning two days and 300 kilometers, the slow boat is a meandering ride down the Mekong.  Depending on the clientele, you can have two types of boats – the typical backpacker ‘party’ boat, and the more serene, relaxing boat.  Thankfully, I ended up on the relaxed boat, and read my way down the river.
Huay Xai to Luang Prabang - panorama morning view

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Travelogue: Chiang Rai

On my way from Chiang Mai to Laos, I stopped by Chiang Rai for a couple days. This city is billed as a being a less touristy version of Chiang Mai, like how Chiang Mai was 10 years ago (that’s a very common phrase, I’ve noticed, X place is like how Y was 10 years ago. I stopped here for just one night (staying at a completely deserted hostel), and visiting Chiang Rai’s two biggest attractions: the White Temple, and the Black House.
Chiang Rai - white temple 4Chiang Rai - black house building 1

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Travelogue: Pang Mapha and Mae Hong Son

Although Pai itself was pretty boring, it was well worth the visit – because upon renting a motorbike, I was able to travel to Pang Mapha, home of the Cave lodge and accompanying caves, as well as Mae Hong Son, a trekking town to the Western edge of Thailand.  It was an amazing couple days of motorbiking.
Pai to Pang Mapha - road 4

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Travelogue: Pai

Everyone I’ve met raves about Pai, a little hippie town near Chiang Mai.  Yes, there’s not much to do there, but the vibe! The people! The ambiance! Then I visited Pai for myself, and found the town to be rather boring. Yes, it’s a little hippie town, but no, it’s not particularly interesting. It’s also chock full of Chinese tourists, which is an automatic strike in my book. Talking with some locals, a couple of years ago a Thai movie named Pai in Love came out, it was a hit in China, and an endless stream have been coming here ever since.
Pai - street view 2

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Travelogue: Trekking in Chiang Mai

According to a friend who lives in Chiang Mai, there are four main reasons to visit this city – cooking, elephants, motorbiking around, and trekking.  And trekking is the most famous, and one of the biggest reasons tourists have come to Chiang Mai over the years.  And so, I booked a trekking tour!  For only ~$50, I spent three days trekking around Chiang Mai, with 7 new friends.
Chiang Mai trekking - panorama view

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Travelogue: Chiang Mai

On my first trip to Thailand, I spent almost all my time in Bangkok and the southern islands – which which were very nice, but reportedly very different from Chiang Mai, the jewel of the north of Thailand.  So this visit, I had to take the train up toe Chiang Mai,  where I enjoyed the fact that nights are much cooler than Bangkok, which was an absolute furnace.

Chiang Mai - old city moat

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