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Travelogue: Trekking in Chiang Mai

According to a friend who lives in Chiang Mai, there are four main reasons to visit this city – cooking, elephants, motorbiking around, and trekking.  And trekking is the most famous, and one of the biggest reasons tourists have come to Chiang Mai over the years.  And so, I booked a trekking tour!  For only ~$50, I spent three days trekking around Chiang Mai, with 7 new friends.
Chiang Mai trekking - panorama view

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Travelogue: Traveling around Bali

While staying in Ubud, I hired a car and driver, and spent some time traveling around Bali, all for $35 per day including gas. Split with my two Swiss friends, that’s about $12 per day to be driven around to wherever you want to go, much cheaper than taking a pre-arranged bus tour.
Traveling around Bali - group photo 4

Our driver was great fun too – his full-time job was actually managing an IT / electronics shop, but his brother (who managed our homestay in Ubud) roped him into coming to give us a tour and traveling around Bali. Surprisingly, it was the first time he had toured Bali, so he had a whole ton of fun.
Traveling around Bali - pointing statue

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