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Travelogue: Pang Mapha and Mae Hong Son

Although Pai itself was pretty boring, it was well worth the visit – because upon renting a motorbike, I was able to travel to Pang Mapha, home of the Cave lodge and accompanying caves, as well as Mae Hong Son, a trekking town to the Western edge of Thailand.  It was an amazing couple days of motorbiking.
Pai to Pang Mapha - road 4

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Travelogue: Pai

Everyone I’ve met raves about Pai, a little hippie town near Chiang Mai.  Yes, there’s not much to do there, but the vibe! The people! The ambiance! Then I visited Pai for myself, and found the town to be rather boring. Yes, it’s a little hippie town, but no, it’s not particularly interesting. It’s also chock full of Chinese tourists, which is an automatic strike in my book. Talking with some locals, a couple of years ago a Thai movie named Pai in Love came out, it was a hit in China, and an endless stream have been coming here ever since.
Pai - street view 2

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