Interlude: I Hate Tourist Towns

I hate tourist towns, AKA, how I got my first speeding ticket:

While passing through Wanaka, a tourist town in the southern island, I got pulled over for a speeding ticket, for allegedly going 11 km (less than 7 miles) above the speed limit.  In an area right after a 100 km limit transitioned to a 50 km limit.  Going downhill.
Tourist Towns - speeding ticket

The accompanying fine was $80; if I had been measured at going 1km / hour less, the fine would have been $20.

I’m pretty sure the police were intentionally preying on tourists in rental vehicles too – I got tailed another two times that same day.  And of course, there is no way to appeal the ticket, being a tourist.

I’m going to try and think of this as an involuntary donation to help New Zealand’s finances, but I’m quite miffed.

I have noticed though, that at least in New Zealand, tourist towns are really, really shitty.  Without fail, the libraries have wifi & internet access but charge for it, parking is paid parking only, and everything is 50% more expensive than it should be.

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