Travelogue: Jiufen

Jiufen (九份) is another old mountain town in Taiwan turned into a tourist destination, similar to Pingxi (平溪) and  Shifen (十分).
Jiufen - street 1

Built into the hillside, Jiufen is a maze of narrow alleys, and is very popular with the tourist crowd, especially with Japanese tourists.
Jiufen - street 2

Since it’s built into the hillside, it has some really amazing scenery:
Jiufen - scenery 1 scenery 2

It’s got some pretty good food – I’m not terribly sure what these are, but they’re quite delicious.
snack 1 snack 2

A huge drink:
portrait with giant cup

I didn’t spend much time here in this town, but it was a nice distraction from the hustle and bustle of Taipei.
scenery portrait

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