Product Analysis: Jurispect

This is a product analysis that I did on Jurispect, a regulatory intelligence tool.  I learned about Jurispect at a FinTech event, and was intrigued at the problem the team is trying to solve, and I did a product analysis on the company.
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There’s a lot of potential on what you can do with Jurispect, but at its core, your mission is to be the Forrester report of the legal world – to give an interested layperson or a generalist lawyer good overview of the regulations of X industry, inform them of upcoming legislative changes, and provide expert legal predictions and guidance.
In order to succeed, you need to accomplish two things:
1) First, you need to have a whole bunch of infrastructure in place for scraping and pulling data, structuring the data, and then analyzing and summarizing the results to see what’s most relevant to end users.  This process is neither my area of expertise nor transparent to me, so I’ll trust that you’re making good progress here.
2) Second, once the data is organized and presentable, you need present the information to the end user in a useful format.  It’s not, and I’ll tell you why.  Currently, it’s organized as a chart:
However, this is not a useful way to show data.  Pulling from own experiences and sources such as the authority on charts:
What the end user most cares about is:
A) What is an overview of the legal and regulatory framework? (with links to learn more – written in a way that is legible to somebody who is in the industry, and yet not a subject matter expert)
B) Is there something big happening in this subject?  If so, what are the most important regulation changes, court cases, and legislature that I should be aware of – both in the recent past and upcoming?  Can Jurispect summarize these changes?
C) What is the guidance and predictions that Jurispect can provide, based on its expert insight and connections to industry?
However, this data is currently answering a different set of questions:
A) What are the number of historical legal documents that have come out about this topic in the recent past?
B) What is the importance of this topic? (the meaning of Juriscore is unclear – does it mean whether something big is happening in this area?).
Now, I agree that graphs are great eye candy and look very great, but in this instance, they’re not providing any useful information.  And I do realize that as a startup, you haven’t gotten everything figured out yet, and may not even have all this data yet.  However, from the perspective of a potential user, you haven’t shown me a compelling reason to sign up, because you haven’t shown me that you answer the 3 questions that I care about.
That about sums up my feedback on how Jurispect presents itself to users – I fully appreciate the potential of what you’re trying to accomplish, but argue that there are 3 main questions that users are looking for Jurispect to answer – and it’s not currently answering any of them.  So, I’d recommend a dashboard redesign that better addresses the end user’s needs.  It may not be as simple as the current dashboard, but it can be just as sleek without sacrificing usability.

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