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Travelogue: Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Archaeological Park! Angkor Wat! Angkor Thom! Bayon! If not for Angkor Park, Siem Reap would be utterly devoid of tourists. But as it is, every day a phalanx of tourists descend upon the park, and it’s probably one of Cambodia’s greatest sources of income ($20 per person per day for an access permit!) Many people choose to do Angkor Park slowly, over the course of a couple of days, but I chose to do a grand one-day tour, from sunrise to sunset, and visiting all the most famous temples of Angkor Archaeological Park.
Angkor Archaeological Park - Angkor Wat sunrise 14

This will be a very photo-intensive post!

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Travelogue: Phnom Penh

Back on the road, in Phnom Penh! Oh, how I’ve missed it, backpacking! ┬áSure, taking a break in Taiwan is awesome, but there’s something about the rest of southeast Asia – the noise, the heat, the endless tuktuks, the feeling of adventure.
Phnom Penh - street 2

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