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Travelogue: Fox Glacier

Check one off of the bucket list: climb Fox Glacier, on the Western edge of New Zealand’s South Island
Fox Glacier - mountain in distance

So what exactly is a glacier?  It’s this giant block of ice that’s slowly sliding down a mountain, carving out a path through the valley.  The iceberg gets something like 10 meters of rain per year, which freezes and adds to the iceberg’s mass – as the iceberg grinds its way down the mountain, it continues to melt, so the iceberg shrinks and expands depending on rainfall and temperature.
Fox Glacier - ice path Fox Glacier - scenery 1

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Travelogue: South Island, New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is quite different from the North Island – whereas the north has a good balance of beautiful natural scenery and civilization, the scales of the south island are quite lopsided in favor of nature.  More often than not, I had zero bars of reception on my cell phone – and no radio stations either!  (Though I didn’t mind the lack of radio coverage – as it turns out, my travel partner and I have zero overlap in our music tastes).

From Picton, a tiny town on the top of the South Island, we drove down the western mountainous coast of the southern island, taking hikes and climbing glaciers, before visiting the breathtaking fiordlands to the southwest corner of the south island.  Then, we followed the southern scenic route down the southern edge of the south island, and traveled back up through the eastern coast to earthquake-shaken city of Christchuch.
NZ South Island - scenery 3

My route plotted on Google Maps!

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