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Singapore, the food capital of southeast Asia

Interlude: A Tale of Two Airports

Getting from Myanmar to the Philippines, I had a long, long trip.  First, as mentioned earlier, I took a night bus from Mandalay to Yangon.  A very nice bus, to be sure, but still a bus, and so I didn’t get much sleep.  Next, upon arriving in Yangon (at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere), I sat around for half the day waiting for my flight out – though I did rent a bike and take a while around for a bit first.

Getting to the airport to fly out, I’m not surprised by how shabby and low tech the building looks.  What does surprise me, is how tight security is.  I thought the TSA was bad enough, but the security team at Yangon seems to think that the terrorists have it out for Myanmar.

What I really didn’t expect, is for the power to go off – for half an hour!
Yangon airport - power outage

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Travelogue: Singapore

Singapore, the Lion City, food capital of Asia and a three-day stopover on my travels. Here, I planned getting myself some Singaporean / Hainanese Chicken and Rice, buying myself a Kindle, and waiting for a cheap flight to my next destination – Bali, Indonesia.
Singapore - city view

Six years ago, I spent Spring ’07 in Singapore on a study abroad program, and while I had a damn good time, if I had a chance to do it over, I would have spent more time exploring Singapore and its surrounding countries, not just on my computer playing computer games.

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