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Travelogue: Bohol Tour

While staying at Coco farms hostel in Bohol, I wanted to rent a motorbike and tour the island, but then I found that the hostel itself was offering a Bohol tour, to see the chocolate hills, the tarsiers, and other sights around the island.  And while I usually hate going on tours, the hostel folks seemed like great people, and so I rounded up some folks, signed up for the tour, and we were off to explore Bohol!
Bohol - panorama chocolate hills 1

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Travelogue: Bohol

From Cebu, I decided to visit Bohol, see the Chocolate Hills, and go scuba diving in the amazing reefs off of Panglao Island.  So, I took the boat from Cebu to Bohol at Tagbilaran, then stayed on Panglao Island to the southwestern corner if Bohol, using that as a base to explore the rest of the island.
Bohol - sunset 1

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