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Travelogue: Sabang and the Underground River

After spending a day or two in Puerto Princesa to get tickets to the Underground River, I hopped on a bus at PP’s ‘market’ bus terminal, and rode three hours to Sabang, home of the Underground River.  Sure, there are also day tours that leave from PP going to the underground river, but why take a tour if you can go yourself?
Sabang -  underground river on boat 2

What I didn’t expect, was for Sabang to be an unexpectedly small town, with barely any internet and electricity only available from 6-10pm.  Still, it was quite a picturesque town, and one with some pretty great sunsets.
Sabang - panorama sunset

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Travelogue: Puerto Princesa

After finishing my exploration of Cebu island, I hopped on a flight and headed over to Palawan, an island on the western edge of the Philippines known for its beauty and lack of infrastructure.  And while there wasn’t terribly much to do here in Puerto Princesa, I enjoyed the ambiance and 24-hour electricity before venturing out to other towns with more natural beauty but less electrical access.
Puerto Princesa - directions sign

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